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Ballengee St cropped
Ballengee St. in historic district of Hinton, WV

packs ferry

mc road

photo oab
Grave marker of “One Arm Bill,” a Civil War survivor (near Jumping Branch, WV)
launch 7
Nov. 11, 2017 at Summers Co. Public Library
MC in Hawaii
Madam’s Creek finds its way to Hawaii
Looking south from partway up White Oak Mt., near Jumping Branch

New River ferry, Mad Crk side

Hinton ferry, on Madam’s Creek side (cables faintly visible, Hinton in background)

Broomstraw Ridge Road
Intersection in Jumping Branch; building in background is former general store.
Hinton from B.R. 2 - Copy
Looking down from crest of Broomstraw Ridge, w/Hinton visible at upper right, about 1000 feet below.
Verona's new river
New River near Hinton, WV; photo by Verona Weaver
tunnel 2 - Copy
Rail tunnel constructed by John Henry and his coworkers, Talcott, WV
Summers Co CH 1876
Hinton, WV, Courthouse, completed in 1875
Batteau_bw-14 - Copy
Historic batteaux and boatmen, used to transport goods on New River


Broomsedge, which grows on Broomstraw Ridge (By Woodlot at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,
Bridge across New River at Hinton,
photo by Torula Chanlett-Avery