Broomstraw Ridge

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Due for November 1, 2019 release!

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In the 1870’s, Joseph Cook quits his thirty-year railroad career after a traumatic event and returns to the New River landscape of his childhood, where he seeks peace, a homestead, and the remnant of his family. There he discovers his only surviving sibling imprisoned by an abusive spouse and his inheritance squandered. A reunion with a childhood friend opens doors to shock and hurt, as well as possibility. An expert in bridge construction, Joseph finds the bridge he most wants to build–one that can cross a personal divide–surpasses his skill.

Danger awaits him on Broomstraw Ridge as Joseph attempts to resolve one crisis. Yet its apparent solution creates more trouble. Peace, home, and familyJoseph learns, are won by letting go of his plans and accepting what he cannot attain. He must also abandon a lifetime of self-imposed muteness and release his voice.

Broomstraw Ridge serves as a sequel to Madam’s Creek but also stands alone. Several of the Lilly-family characters of Madam’s Creek play major and pivotal roles.