Welcome to my website and thank you for visiting! I hope you will consider reading my debut novel, Madam’s Creek. Click on “Madam’s Creek” (above) for more about it.

The sequel to Madam’s Creek was released Nov. 1, 2019. The title is Broomstraw Ridge. Please see the menu item by that name to read more…. Thank you!


Brief Bio:

betsyBetsy Reeder grew up in then-rural Maryland and later found her way to Central Appalachia, where she works as a writer and biologist. Her avocations include walking, birding, haphazard gardening, creative writing, political activism, volunteerism, spiritual exploration, natural history, local history, captivating novels, music, animals (both wild and tame), and every second spent with family and friends. She is especially grateful to have realized her long-held dream of a home in the mountains.